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Online UK websites to order your favorite American foods and products.


GOT QUESTIONS? - Visit the Recipes & Foods forum !


Chile Foundry - Got Mexican? Here's a good ONLINE Mexican foods site. Also sell Creole stuff.

CyberCandy - In the mood for an Almond Joy®? Tootsie Pop®? CyberCandy has 'em.

Hotheadz - Hot chile sauces, chutneys, relishes, mustards, spices, Cajun, Caribbean, Mexican hot sauces. - A selection of various foods and cleaning products from back home.

Wild West Beef Jerky - The delicious American snack over here at last - made by KingB of Idaho.

Lupe Pintos - Lots & lots of Mexican foods for purchase via mail order from their Edinburgh store. Mail order only.

Americana / Gifts

Cookies Diner

Buttermilk Barn

 New England of Skipton - Country store and website with a great collection of folk art and Americana...Warren Kimble wallpapers, prints, plaques, braided rugs, throws, homespun fabrics, American buttons, Adirondack chairs and much more!

Outlaw Leather - one-of-a-kind leather crafts for your home.

The Mighty First Ltd. - Interior products such as mailboxes, tin signs and stencils.

American Toys - little red wagons and other cool stuff for kids!





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