American Expats In The UK

Expatriate: To withdraw (oneself) from residence of one's native country.

American Expats In The UK
was launched in February 2001. This site is dedicated to assisting Americans living in or are moving to the UK.

The United Kingdom consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We also have members from other countries who share in their experiences of being an expatriate, or as some call it, 'expat'.



The American Expats In The UK FORUM is an online community to ask questions
and receive answers on immigration,
health care and many other issues
relating to living in the UK! It's also an active social hub to just shoot the breeze.

The best part about the forum: the answers
come from other helpful and friendly members who are already settled in the UK. Get advice from those who have done it all before you. Make friends. Share opinions and ideas.

- moving to the UK

- already living in UK and wanting info. on where to find things or how to do things





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British Thangs

Union Jack Flag

A short language dictionary to get you
acquainted with some Britishisms.

Very British

An American Expat perspective on
things of Brit origin.

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Recommended Expat Books

Books to aid current or impending American expatriates: relocation, UK driving test materials, American cooking conversion guides and more.

Living And Working In Britain  AA Pass First Time 2002 Software American Cooking In England






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American Expats In The UK is a website dedicated to assisting Americans living in or moving to Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.